is a 20 week program designed to help young girls and boys (aged 8-15) to take the first leap into programming. In the framework of ACC #5, kids will have a chance to acquire coding, presentation and pitching skills, take a web development and scratch track, participate in hackathon and gain network. The program will take place in 2 locations - Yerevan (Armenian-Indian Center for Excellence in ICT) and Sisian (Sisian Adult Education Center).

When and Where?

The program is envisaged in the · 2 cities of Armenia – Yerevan and Sisian · 2 groups in each of them (Scratch and Web trainings) · Each group will have 15 participants (overall 60 kids) · 2 age groups in each city – 8-11 and 12-15-year-old kids Each group will be organized and run by ISTC and AITC ambassadors precisely selected by the project team, ideally from local communities.