ACC#5 for Women and Girlz (15+) is designed for vulnerable women and girls following the purpose to teach them tech and business skills through weekly workshops/training and lead them through mentorship sessions with field experts, as well as targeted events and meetups. The program will take place only in Yerevan (ISTC Foundation) and the call will be open for participants from all the regions of Armenia. ACC#5 for Women and Girlz (15+) consists of 2 tracks. Each track involves up to 15 participants. After submitting the applications, participants will be invited to the interview, selected and categorized based on their preferred track.

When and Where?

The program will run for 20 weeks in Yerevan. The classes will take place 2-3- times per week at Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center Foundation (ISTC). All interested candidates are invited to submit the applications form by March 3, 2020.