Over 65 million liters of water saved

The program is targeted at entrepreneurs with innovative and scalable solutions to the world’s key challenges, including poverty, clean water, health and wellbeing. To date, Accelerate2030 shows impactful results: Brazilian venture PiiPee is transforming the sanitation world, with its innovation of waterless toilet flushing having saved over 65 million liters of water. HearX from South Africa, is giving thousands of children access to affordable and accurate hearing diagnostics. Overall, the supported enterprises scaled to numerous new markets, increased their number of beneficiaries by more than 100% and increased employment by 41%.

Global connections to the UN, the private sector and investors

The entrepreneurs join a competitive scaling program, and are featured in major global forums, including the Social Good Summit Geneva and the United Nations General Assembly in New York, connecting with key representatives of the private sector, government officials, United Nations , and impact investors. Key partners include Pfizer, International Trade Centre, Amazon Web Services, Boston Consulting Group and others. This year Accelerate2030 is looking for entrepreneurs from 16 countries across Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America: Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brasil, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Turkey, Cambodia, South Africa, Serbia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Armenia. “New ideas and experiments to tackle old problems through partnerships are pivotal to achieve the SDGs. That’s exactly what the Accelerate2030 and the Social Good Summit Geneva deliver, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, the public sector, and other key stakeholders to scale up innovative, impactful, and scalable solutions for the SDGs”, notes Sarah Bel, UNDP Geneva. For entrepreneurs interested in applying, visit http://www.accelerate2030.net