Tech4SDGs Fund

Today UNDP in Armenia signed an agreement with Granatus Ventures to establish and manage the Granatus Tech4SDG Fund. The Fund, with a target size of USD 40 million, will make investments in technology-driven ventures that demonstrate strong potential for social and environmental impact. This initiative addresses the investment gap necessary to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. UNDP will act as a Sustainability Partner, sharing best practices in impact management and the application of internationally accepted Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards across the investment process. UNDP will also provide financial support to structure the Fund, and assist in the fundraising process and in sourcing relevant deal flow across key markets.

Granatus Ventures' Commitments

Granatus Ventures in turn commits to contribute to UNDP’s efforts to accelerate the development of Armenia’s impact investment ecosystem aimed at achieving SDG goals. The Granatus Tech4SDG Fund aims to leverage rapidly developing technologies and engineering talent to maximise the social and environmental impact and mitigate ESG risks of its investments. This initiative is part of “Tech4SDGs Financing Platform” by UNDP in Armenia to unlock the potential of local and international private financing for the acceleration of the SDGs.