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ImpactOut (nightout)

ImpactOut is an ImpactAim label event, which was designed with the big goal of disrupting tech and impact communities and to bring them together for good. Impact (Night)Out event series are designed to become a community for impact enthusiasts, innovation and science evangelists, startups and technology makers, giving them an opportunity to share the latest developments of the field at international and national levels. We would be happy to host a joint impact night out together, if you have breakthrough ideas to change the world and share it with the global community of tech and business enthusiasts.

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Aim Hackathons are thematic and targeted events that gather together enthusiasts to exit viable tech solutions with specific sectoral focus (agriculture, climate change, etc.). The winners of the hackathons receive monetary prizes and automatically get into the acceleration program which is usually following the hackathon. If you have defined impact challenges and want to get viable tech solutions, Aim can help you design and launch your very own hackathon jointly with our networks of experts and professionals.

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AIM thinkathons are tailored brainstorming sessions that help define the key challenges in various development issue areas and to transform those into technical assignments for future hackathons. Experts from the UNDP, Government, Business, Tech and other sectors are invited to the thematic thinkathon to discuss challenges facing for example the forestry and agriculture sectors today due to climate change, and to propose potential solutions that have a business value and impact perspective. If you are thinking about launching a challenge, we would be happy to design and run a targeted Thinkathon together involving local and international field experts.

AIM talks

Aim talks are public events where we host top influencers and innovators from Government, business and technology worlds for inspirational conversation, experience sharing and impactful dialogues targeted towards the future of Sustainable business and governance. If you feel like sharing your experience and thought leadership for good, please contact us and we will design and run a public talk accessible to the general public.