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Design and launch your own innovation challenge with ImpactAIM Accelerator by utilizing offered online content and impact management platforms.The core mission of Accelerator is to exponentially scale up its ventures, as well as their impact at national and international levels.  The accelerator is promoting the ability of startups to grow, but with a different strategy and a different approach. Focusing on ventures with a cohort type of program, Accelerators offer well-structured advisory, mentoring, investor networks, markets and help the founders build meaningful, viable products.

 Accelerators help new ventures and new initiatives in established businesses move beyond the earliest stages of their development, become stable, self-sufficient, scalable, and investable businesses. Usually, such programs are structured to work with groups of 5-10 selected ventures (cohorts), within a limited time frame of 4-6 months.

Within the ImpactAIM’s Accelerator program we offer the following tracks:


4 weeks of targeted workshops on technological topics


During the first 6 weeks teams will have weekly workshops on the specifically chosen topics, as well as office hours will be offered by mentors during the week.


4 week impact measurement and tracking module

1:1 Mentorship

Based on the development needs of each startup, specific support and tailored mentorship will be offered to each participating team.

Online Collaborative Tool

The tool is a perfect fit for teams, aimed to manage an acceleration program, where it is possible to keep our network engaged. Our efforts were united to build entrepreneurial ecosystem, support the growth of ventures with positive social and environmental impact.

Investor Matching

Launch a Custom Accelerator with ImpactAIM and get access to the innovative solutions in your field. You'll work with the talented entrepreneurs driving change in your industry.



CCTA | Climate Change Tech Accelerator vol. 3

We’re happy to announce that UNDP Armenia’s ImpactAIM Climate Change Tech Accelerator (CCTA) came for the 3rd time with the new aim to reshape the energy sector towards the SDGs. UNDP ImpactAim Accelerator in cooperation with Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), ISTC - Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center Foundation is calling Armenian and international tech ventures to apply for AIM Climate Change Technology Accelerator (CCTA) 2020 focused on “Energy Efficiency and Renewables”. UNDP ImpactAim Climate Change Tech Accelerator is funded and run by UNDP ImpactAIM Accelerator with support of UNDP Country Investment Facility, Russia-UNDP Trust Fund for Development, Asian Development Bank Ventures Facility, the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia and implemented jointly with Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), ISTC - Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center Foundation and Engineering City, providing infrastructure, both technical and environmental, to help startups for piloting their projects.

SDGs:SDG9, SDG13, SDG15, SDG17challengeClimate Change Technology AcceleratorCountry:Armenia

Accelerator #5 vol. 2 - Tech Skills for Women and Kidz

 The core mission of Accelerator #5 (ACC#5) was to empower women and young girls and boys living in Armenia to make the first steps in the tech world by delivering tech and business training, as well as helping them to come up with their own startup projects. 

The program was tailored to the needs of kids (girls and boys)* and women, who have little or no field knowledge.

*We’re excited to announce, that the 2nd volume of ACC #5 Kidz was designed for both boys and girls.

Accelerator #5 (ACC #5) vol.2 is implemented by UNDP Armenia’s ImpactAIM Accelerator in cooperation with Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC Foundation), Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), Armenian-Indian Center for Excellence in ICT (AITC), Armenia National SDG Innovation Lab and UNICEF Armenia.

SDGs:SDG 4, SDG5, SDG9, SDG17challengeAccelerator #5 Country:Armenia

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