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Support cutting-edge innovative solutions and business models that take responsibility to solve environmental or social problems. ImpactAim Accelerator is designed to leverage the unique global network and expertise of UNDP in scaling the impact of for-profit ventures targeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with innovative tech solutions. It supports innovative startups through thematic acceleration programs that provide technology and business expertise, impact measurement and management skills, access to global professional networks, and access to funding and investor matching. 


ImpactAim Accelerator increases collaboration between the government, private sector, and development agencies with the goal to create a worldwide culture of utilizing private sector expertise to achieve the SDGs, thus serves as:

• a viable platform bringing together the existing knowledge and capacity of tech and business communities, leveraging collective expertise for systemic change

• assures the quality of solutions as well as their consistency with the global country development priorities

• facilitates new markets for startups/solutions and new investment possibilities

Sustainable agriculture and food processing
Meeting the food and textile requirements of today without jeopardizing the capabilities of future generations to meet their own needs.
Regional, urban and rural development
Improving the quality of life in neighborhoods including ecological, cultural, political, institutional, social and economic components.
Green economy
Resisting the challenges of climate change, urbanization, resource scarcity and unpredictability of the economy in future.
Innovation of public and social services Govtech/Edutech/Fintech
Govtech is about innovative services that are created for addressing the needs of the government, business and the citizens.
Empowering vulnerable groups
Social inclusion of vulnerable communities while creating conditions that will ensure decent work for all.
Gender Equality
Gender Equality is in our agenda, since 2019. We aim to balance the gender equality in STEM fields.

Our Ventures

IIoThink Lab by Rafa Solutions

IIoThink Lab by RAFA Solutions is an educational platform for universities to teach the Industrial IoT. Through their software, hardware and courseware, they hope to accelerate the professional growth of students studying in the fields of electrical engineering, networks, computer science, and applied sciences. They are looking to partner with forward thinking educational institutions to revolutionize the courseware for students entering the smart industry.


Fitolight is designing LED bulbs that accelerate plant growth for use in greenhouses and any other place where sunlight is limited or nonexistent.


DataThon uses machine learning models and artificial intelligence to detect and track the behavior of wildfire in forests, assisting forestry commissions in mitigating the consequences of wildfire.

Forest Berg

ForestBerg is developing a smart forest monitoring system to prevent both fires and illegal activities from occurring in forests. It is not just a simple monitoring system, it is a platform that allows users to explore everything that happens in a forest in real time.

Forest Guard

Forest Guard is a smart wireless sensor system for forestry that aims to prevent illegal logging, vehicle entrance, and forest fires.


ZEST uses an innovative decentralized approach to bring electricity, water and internet connection to areas lacking these vital resources.

Persistence Data Mining (PDMI)

Persistence Data Mining is a precision agriculture business that utilizes hyper-spectral imaging to analyze soil and map soil nutrients. This process will make modern agronomic nutrient management available to farmers in emerging nations immediately. This technology has the potential to dramatically increase sustainable food production, moving hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and starvation.

Robin by Expper Technologies

Robin is an expressive, emotional, and friendly companion robot designed specifically to aid children undergoing stressful medical procedures.


ARMACAD is a platform dedicated to helping students find worldwide scholarship and academic opportunities, while simultaneously helping universities promote their research and study possibilities to international audiences.

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