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Direct catalytic investments into ImpactAIM’s portfolio of impact-driven ventures. Support our ventures and invest into solving the most vital challenges of the world. 

The Impact track builds upon the Impact Management Project (IMP) - a new approach on how to measure, report, compare and improve impact performance. The impact track relies on evidence-based insights, allowing “impact forecasting” and historical data to be analyzed to show progress towards outcomes, as well as provide evidence for decision-making and business model adjustment. 

Utilizing the five dimensions of impact - What, Who, How Much, Contribution and Risk

Our service supports the startups and business ventures to assess their impact goals. Furthermore, the track allows to analyze the risk of negative impact and measure positive impact, so that the enterprise can reduce the negative one and increase the positive. 

The Impact Measurement and Management track relied on the approach of our partners - Business Call to Action (BCtA) Impact Lab Platform, supporting the cohort startups to build their impact models through the platform.

Understand, analyze and report your impact and learn how to align to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Become part of the impact community and join globally accepted impact measurement and management frameworks.


Impact Measurement and Management module is one of the essential parts of the ImpactAIM Accelerator designed by UNDP in Armenia. Utilizing ImpactAIM IMM Toolkit ImpactAIM SDG-alignment toolkit supports the selected startups from capacity and needs assessment, gap analysis, identification of impact vision and strategy, followed with the design of Theory of Change (ToC) built on the business lean model, selection of relevant matrix (Impact-Output-Outcome-Impact model) and targets toward SDGs. The logical chain is concluded with reporting and analysis of the impact model. The toolkit supports understanding the ‘concept of impact’ through a built-in tutoring system, easily developing impact profiles by utilization of simple, but comprehensive and automated Steps, generating pitchable reports. The toolkit also serves to aggregate data at portfolio level for impact measurement of thematic Accelerators run by ImpactAIM Armenia.


•ImpactAIM IMM Toolkit, specifically designed to meet the needs of startups for impact model building •Access to globally accepted impact measurement and management frameworks •Support to drive impact and scale up impact-driven business models with tech enabled solutions •Contribute to SDG agenda via business model alignment


• Understanding Impact • Impact Capacity & Need Assessment • Tailored Curriculum • SDG Alignment • Baseline Impact Scoring


• One-on-one coaching • Business model-SDG Alignment • Theory of Change – IOOI • Goals Assessment through 5 dimensions of Impact • Indicators & Targets (IRIS+, SDG Indicators)


• Impact Profile Deck • Impact Monitoring and Reporting • Lean Data


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