Municipal solid waste management

Evi is created with the aim of solving the problem of food waste. 1.3 bln tons of food is lost per year. The monetary value of the food waste amounts to 1 trillion dollars. In Armenia the picture is the same. 30% of all the waste generated is food waste, which is 17 mln tons per year. Each food business in Armenia loses up to AMD 1 mln per month on wasted food without truly realizing that. A lot of resources, time and money, are inputted into producing the food that is in the end thrown to the garbage. Food waste is really bad for our environment. It takes a land mass larger than China to grow food each year that is ultimately not eaten – land that has been deforested, species, populations that have been moved, soil that has been degraded. Moreover, when food waste ends up in landfill, which usually happens, it decomposes producing methane, which is 23 times deadlier than carbon dioxide. On the other side there are 800 mln people in the world that cannot lead a normal nutritious life. Population tends to increase at a faster rate than its means of subsistence and that unless it is checked by moral restraint or disaster (as disease, famine, or war) widespread poverty and degradation inevitably result. An average person needs around 1 ton of food per year to lead a healthy lifestyle. Thus, there is 1.65 more food surplus than needed to eliminate hunger from the world. The problem is not in a scarcity of resources but in poor food waste management.