Idea and Impact

ForestBerg is developing forest smart monitoring system to prevent all forest fires & illegal activities in forests. This is not just a simple monitoring system, it is a platform that allows you to explore everything that happens in the forest in real time. By combining various indicators such as weather, tree types, geolocation, animal sounds, etc., we can understand the behavior of wildlife depending on different events. /*Our internet-connected devices are designed to detect smoke, air humidity, temperature, logging & sounds (data) in real-time. Currently, we have several of our sensors being tasted in a forest in Armenia which will be developed into our first pilot project.*/ The main point to provide a direct information about the current state of the forest through to our sensor network (with sound analyzing). One of the goals is the ability to the quick response by providing exact information in exact time. Our monitoring system will provide industrial IoT network, which is collected, and analyze all ambient sounds and indicators of smoke and temperature sensors. our targets are National Parks, Ministry of Ecology, Green NGOs, B2B sector(private foresters).